Demo: Barn Board Jackpot!

The first renovation task in our new (really old) farmhouse, was to take the wall out between the kitchen and living area…and the house quickly became unlivable! As we demo’d the wall, it was like the dust was moving in slow motion; every foot step, smack of the hammer or high five, sprayed thick old dust through the house. We were taking apart a wall that was built in 1870, so it was really really really old dust! That is the best way to describe this kind of dust. There was no way we could live in this kind of dust, so we moved to my moms!

The greatest discovery in the demo phase was beautiful old barn board! The original structure was foot thick cement, and either side of this cement wall was barn  board or shiplap from 1870. It was stunning, and FREE!

Here’s some personal demo shots worth sharing:

Look at all that barn board under layers of wood paneling and wallpaper!

barnbeam-demoIt’s not a flattering look, but it makes me laugh looking back! Dust masks (and sometimes two at a time) for months.

This is me on the left (safety first) // My mom on the right, sanding the boards clean. (sorry mom, it’s for the records)


The resurrected beauty barn board getting some fresh air…while I brainstorm.


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