News: We bought a new (really old) house!


We took this photo a few minutes after we signed the papers, I am really happy we captured this moment!

It’s a new house to us, but the original structure dates back to 1870. Architecturally, it can be considered a “gothic revival farmhouse”, which was a builder’s style that dominated rural Ontario for a really long time. This style often features an arched window in the centre gable, (√) symmetrical door and window placement (√) and a single story porch (√).

The honest truth, I will be the first to admit, a Victorian era home is against type for me. I am a modern architecture junkie; I love glass, and steel and black…so this house was a challenge for me personally, right from the beginning. The last 6 months of renovations, inspiration boards, online shopping binges, DIY attempts and so much more have been interesting and so worth sharing!

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