News: My First Air Plant

I might be a bit behind on this trend, but I got my first air plant a few weeks ago, (thanks mom) and I am super excited about it. It’s the strangest/coolest plant I’ve ever seen…and yes, it doesn’t grow in soil, it just needs air! They actually do need a bit of water every now and then, but they are apparently pretty indestructible and last for years. Which is the perfect indoor plant for me! I am just starting to develop a green thumb for outdoor gardening, but remembering to water indoor plants is a bit of an issue for me. So an occasional soak is perfect!

There are all kinds of air plants, all different sizes, shapes and ways to display them. Somehow they always seem to look modern, is that just me? I think it’s because they are minimal and structural. I have shopped around and have sourced some display ideas and places to find air plants below.

My air plant //



it’s a bit bigger then Finny’s head


My mom bought it for me from a store in Burlington, Ontario called Centro. Here’s the instructions that came with it:

airplant-instructions(Easy enough? I haven’t followed perfectly, and mine is thriving.)

Here are some creative ways to display air plants:

Pinned to a wall // source

modern with roots, air plants, DIY

Terrarium style // source

modern with roots, air plants, terranium
// source

modern with roots, air plants
hanging terrarium // source

modern with roots, air plants

// source

air plant, modern with roots

In a vase // source

modern with roots, air plants, DIY

in a bowl // source

air plant

Places to find air plants and containers for air plants in Ontario
Burrow // Peterborough
Crown Flora // Toronto
Centro // Burlington
West Elm // Toronto
Etsy // Online

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