News: My Modern Farmhouse Chandelier

One of the very first things I bought during renovations was a chandelier for above our giant 8 foot harvest table. I knew once we took out the walls on the main floor that I wanted the living space to have a light, airy feel. I didn’t want anything really heavy hanging in the air when you walk through the front door; the light had to have enough of an industrial edge and not too feminine. And, since the light was going to go over an 8 foot harvest table, it needed to command some style while staying simple.

In comes West Elm. Over and over, West Elm nails my style! I ordered the Mobile Pendant in Antique Bronze, online and had it shipped to my mom’s house while we were renovating. Again, like my obsession with accent tables (read more about that in an earlier blog post here) I tend to buy lights that I love, sometimes without a clear idea of where they will go. This wasn’t the case with this light. This light was meant for this room, and I was 100% sure of it.







…because he’s such a good model and makes everything look better 😉

*** Painting in the dining room is my own. See more images and info about it here.

Other chandeliers I like and I think would also work in the space:

trough style // source


these different sized bulbs in this Orbit light would be so cool lit up // Source


Geometric group // source

big bulbs in a row // Source

this extra large black basket // source


industrial trio // source


mason jars in a row // source


Believe it or not, (after listing the examples above)…I am not a huge fan of Edison style or clear/exposed light bulbs. They hurt my eyes; when I look at them and look away, I see squiggly things for awhile! Maybe that’s just me, but I was able to get the same light + airy effect with my light, by swapping out the suggested clear bulb with opaque.

If you are looking for cool light bulbs, here are a few sources:

West Elm // Toronto + online
Burrow // Peterborough + online
Ikea // Toronto + online

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