Inspiration: Stylish Wood Storage

For me, one of the best parts about installing a wood stove in our little place is the idea of a stylish wood storage area. I love the look of stacked logs, and I think if done right, it can be an art piece on it’s own. A functional art installation, if you will…one that serves an actual purpose by providing fuel for the fire, and also adds something textural and visually appealing.

My initial ideas for our living room included custom shelving with a very tall section for wood storage. That didn’t happen; our budget quickly made those ideas into lofty dreams! But now that fall is approaching, coming up with stylish wood storage is back on my list. I am currently leaning towards approaching a local craftsman and commissioning some kind of custom iron structure. But I also thoroughly admire the IKEA solution found in this post. Keep ya posted!

Here are some stylish wood storage ideas that I love:

 vertical // source


open harth // source


everything you need for a good fire // source


white shelves // source


behind the couch table + storage // source


tucked in to an existing bookcase // source


an IKEA solution // source


white trolly // source


custom vertical stand // source


wood + white built in // source


wall mounted // source


not blocking the view with this storage idea // source






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