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When you’re pregnant you hear and read a million different “you must have these items” lists upon lists before your baby arrives. It can be overwhelming and ultimately stressful if you aren’t having a huge baby shower, or made of money. Or in our case, have very limited space for all that “stuff”. So far, in our 3.5 months with a baby THIS actually is the TOP, #1, 100% must have, on my “must have list”.

I found it!!!!! The Rokii Egg and Animal made by Bower & Beyond
(This is not a sponsored post – I wish! I’m just a big fan and so is my daughter!)

We have already transitioned to phase 2 of this genius design, a slightly upright rocking chair.
It’s currently parked on the kitchen island where my daughter happily sits and interacts with us in the kitchen.


It’s a 4-in-1 chair that transitions from newborn to roughly age 5!

It’s really nice looking, and that’s hard to find in the baby gear world!!!!

Here’s a look at all the stagesĀ  // source


Safe, comfy and BEAUTIFULLY made from sustainable materials




It’s fussy baby, mommy AND Finny approved


The next phase of this chair for us, will likely be raising it up another level and using it as a feeding chair as we move in to solid foods.
AND THEN, it will transition again into a riding animal toy. So smart!


They couldn’t have said it better with their slogan – nailed it!


It’s an Australian product – made by Bower & Beyond.

you’re welcome šŸ™‚

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