Inspiration: (small) home office

I have worked from home as a graphic designer for 6 years (minus the current year for maternity leave). My home office is therefore always an important space, no matter where we have been living. I need it to be organized (or at least have the potential to be organized), have a large desk for my large computer, have a window and some plant life. Those seem to be the common ingredients for a peaceful working environment in the home, for me.

Here’s some inspirational ideas from other home office spaces:

 windows + plant // source

home office - 1

built in to a nook // source


easy desk option // source

home office 3

scandi styling // source


two chairs for meetings // source

home office 5

picking a corner of a larger room // source

home office 6

cork wall // source

home office 7

floating shelves above desk // source

home office 8

shiplap wall + industrial feel // source

home office 9

black accent wall with white storage // source

home office 10

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