Found: Modern Deck Railings

If you google “modern deck railing” you get hundreds of images of horizontal cables. LOVE that look…can’t have it! We live in Ontario where the railing code restrictions say we can’t have horizontal anything! We could have gone with glass panels to achieve a modern look, but we wanted something different. (Of course!)

I searched and found vertical cable railings. I wanted to share the look, the finished result and the inspiration, in case you are on the hunt for something different as well.



Before + After: Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

It feels like ages ago that we did a complete renovation of the one and only bathroom in our little farmhouse. I very much aspired for it to have a modern farmhouse style, and I think it may have turned out to be the best example of this style in the house, to date.

(I realized in looking through, that I had posted an inspiration post, about white tile bathrooms // here, but I never posted anything about the bathroom! Hence this delayed post)

This is the BEFORE:

We fought this bathroom pretty hard in our renovations. It’s very tiny, has sloped ceilings and apparently wasn’t soundly supported because during renovations the entire room fell through the ceiling to the living room below. (Oops) I remember I was in charge of demo’ing the room and found smashing old tiles to be incredibly cathartic. Everything about this bathroom changed, and had to!


There’s something about the balance of materials in this space that for me, defines modern farmhouse style. The rustic custom vanity, brushed nickel fixtures, loads of glass, loads of white tile and dark grout…it all seems to play off each other in a happy way.

Found: Modern Kids Furniture

I’ve been on the hunt lately for modern kids furniture. My daughter is at the age where she can sit in mini chairs and do an activity or eat at a mini table and I am all for that, but it also has to work in our home. So that usually means grey, white, black…

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inspiration: minimalist storage ideas

I seem to pin a lot of minimalist storage ideas. It’s not random, because it’s probably one of my biggest struggles in this old farmhouse with no closets, mudroom, garage or any of those handy places! It’s kind of a blessing in disguise in some ways, because it’s forced us to step in to and…

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