DIY: Large Chalkboard

There’s something really charming and whimsical about a large chalkboard in the home. I know this isn’t a new trend by any means, but I still really love it! As a (sometimes) artist, I like the idea of having a free space for large doodles, but I really don’t think you have to be overly artsy to have fun with a large chalkboard area in your home (ours has become a guestbook!).

It’s no secret that I love white; I LOVE white. I painted our entire house white (Benjamin Moore, Cloud White to be exact). But I also love black! I love a wall painted black, I love black furniture accents in an all white space….but after weeks of painting everything white, I chickened out on painting anything black. Instead, I found a giant antique frame for $10 at a vintage shop and made a large chalkboard.

I didn’t document the DIY process (sorry! I am a DIY newbie) but it’s pretty straight forward; I bought a piece of smooth wood and got it cut to fit the backside of the vintage frame. I hammered them together, bought chalkboard paint and painted the wood panel with a few coats. You can buy chalkboard paint from your local hardware store (either magnetic or not, the price varies) and paint pretty much anything with it.

This is what mine looks like:





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