Before + After: Barn Makeover

We have an old (like 1840’s original) barn, that’s pretty and charming…but attached to it is a building that’s less charming. When we bought this house I had dreams of turning it in to my studio. That was a dream. It’s been taken over with tractors, lawn mowers and all the essential larger scale equipment. All I want from this building now, is an exterior makeover. A paint job.

Inspired by the ever informative and inspiring, Karen from The Art Of Doing stuff, I found this blog post and bought a spray gun painter, from Home Depot. I bought this one, the Wagner Flexio 590.

I really just wanted this old building to disappear…I tested the following dark grey paint swatches from Home Depot’s, outdoor Behr paint:


We went with Space Black (swatch under the window) by Behr, and here’s my trooper mom giving the paint gun a go. (haha! She always gets herself in to paint projects for her children) For the record, the entire front wall of the barn took 1.5 hours with the spray gun. (!!!!!!!!!!)


Here’s the after…I love it!





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