Found: Must Have Baby Item Part II

Even though I vowed to keep my baby items to a minimum, and refused a giant baby shower…(see more in my blog post “Found: Must Have Baby Item“) I still ended up buying stuff that I didn’t use, or need.  I fell victim to way too many “must have lists” and also my own expectations about how newborn baby life would go. I bought a bassinet, and set it up beside the bed months before my baby was born, visualizing rocking her to sleep, perfectly swaddled in one of the newborn swaddle things I also bought…well, obviously that’s not how things went. (I jinxed myself in so many ways!) Then, I found the Dock-a-tot !

The Dock-A-Tot is amazing. (This isn’t a sponsored post btw, just a fan review!) It’s her own little “nest” like bed, and she loves it. I bought it online, right from the site here. It arrived in the mail a few days later, and life got a little better for this sleep deprived mama.

This post is basically just to say, I highly recommend it, and wish I had it from day 1! (And sometimes, mom-to-mom advice is all you need!)


It’s sturdy and well made, and everything the company claims it to be. I often find my daughter running her hands along the stitching and playing with the little tiny tags on the sides. (Did they research the perfect tactile logo execution as well!?) I could post a million photos and talk a lot about it, but the moral of this story is…we all sleep better because of this product. (Need I say more?!)







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